Where are they now?

In the last issue of The Black Nose News, we brought you the story of Oscar, who had been picked up from a dirty pen, sporadic food and water near Larkspur, CO. He was adopted by a family from Montana, who made a quick two day trip here to pick him up. We had a chance to visit with him in Big Sky Country last summer.

He is one big happy dog, climbed on the glider next to me, rolled over on his back (no small feat for a 100 lb dog on a two person glider!), and said “Now scratch my belly.” Bill and Amy report he is the perfect dog for them, and has worked into their family well. When he was in Rescue, he never struck us as a purebred Sheepie. He looked like a “mostly” – the coloring was close, but he was spotted pretty much all over, and the bone structure was wrong – he had bones like a draft horse.

The folks did a DNA test to find his lineage, only to discover he was about half Sheepie, about half Great Pyrenees, and a smidgen of Labrador Retriever thrown in for good measure. Answers the bone structure question. Makes no never-mind to Bill and Amy, they love every
bone in his body, be it big or small.

We also heard from Kelly, who adopted Bear about four years ago. She reports he now has 3 playmates in the
house, has tons of energy, and behaves like a puppy. She writes “Bear is doing great and I am still so very happy to have found each other on your website.” Bear has landed on his feet.