Isabel Comes and Goes, As She Should

Sometimes it’s nice to just have a dog come in and go out, without all the dramatics – no driving around forest fires, no messy divorces, no bad care, none of this “As The World Turns” stuff.

We got a call from a lady in Denver. Fourteen-month-old female, great dog she says, it’s just that she has exceeded the number of dogs allowed in her condo and they are threatening eviction. What we got was a jaw dropper. Young girl, full of energy and curiosity, cute as a button, decently groomed, clean, smelling good, a happy dog. Absolutely no training – she thought the only good leash was a 6 footer stretched out to 8 feet; but she was sharp, and would learn fast. Enter Tom and Harriette. Great folks, good house, lost their Sheepie about a month ago and were adrift without him, plenty of love to give. Great people.

They came down for a ”Show and Tell”, which was more of a “To Pick Up My Dog” event. The rest is history.

This is a short story, but tells it all. A dog came in, and then went out. Dog and people all happy. No fires. No divorces. No bad care. No “As The World Turns” stuff. Life is good.

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