Ozzie Stops Bouncing Around

We got an email from Trinidad, a small town in Southern Colorado, almost to New Mexico. Not sure we had ever picked up a dog in that area. Kim from the non-profit shelter said they had not one, but TWO Sheepdogs in, could we think about taking them.

Sometimes Sheepdogs are like ping pong balls; they just bounce from place to place before settling down into a permanent corner. Ozzie was one of those.

We got a call from Mike in Denver. He had a two-year-old male, in good shape. Going through a nasty divorce, he said, moved into a condo, and had custody of the baby. No yard, no time, and no energy. Could we take Ozzie, he asked. “Sure” we replied.

Mike was kind enough to bring him to Castle Rock, it was apparent from the beginning that there was a terrific bond between man and animal, and it was a sad parting.

We got a gem, though. A two-year-old enthusiastic male, up to date on shots, well groomed. Laid back, a ‘just go with the flow’ sort of guy. A darn nice dog who didn’t need anything but a new home. He was mild mannered and gentle, had a steely blue eye that burned a hole in my shirt it was so intense.

In our research and talking, it appears that Ozzie had a “puppyhood home” that we don’t know anything about, then went with a young woman who committed suicide, then landed with Mike whose marriage ran off the tracks – all within the first two years of his life. Yup. Tossed around like a ping-pong ball, and all of it out of his control.

He was good with kids, confident, and all around nice guy. There were many homes he could go to and be comfortable. We felt that right at the top of the list for him was stability- he needed to find a home where he could eventually figure out “this one is here to stay, this is as good as it gets.”





Enter Mark and Stephanie from Scottsdale, AZ. Big fuzzy dog experience, a history with Bouviers and Briards over the last 25 years. They spoke “Dogs that need a lot” quite fluently.

Both worked from home, so there was some one around constantly – just what this guy needed. Bette called them on Wednesday, Mark was in Dallas, and Stephanie was in Arizona. They shuffled work schedules, met in Denver Friday, rented a van, met with Ozzie on Saturday, and were on their way in the van to Scottsdale by 10:00 AM.

Stephanie reports he was “Ready to be here when he got here.”, has settled right in. He loves to run errands with the uprights, and they love to have him tag along. He is now an integral part of the family, and everybody is right at home with everybody.

It’s amazing, and fulfilling, to see what hoops folks will go through to get just the right dog. All of their efforts have been worth it.

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