About Us

We are all volunteers

We are a group of volunteers drawn together by a singular interest – helping Old English Sheepdogs. Our goal is to remove the dogs from untenable situations and place them in loving, caring homes. Along the way, we will provide medical care, training, evaluations, grooming, and whatever else he may need. We do home checks on prospective homes, then follow-up after the adoption is made, and stand ready to help in any way we can. We have an extensive cadre of volunteers who are willing to donate their time, expertise, money, and skills. To them we are eternally grateful. OES Rescue of Colorado exists on donations, and no one in the organization is paid, other than we are well remunerated with incredible satisfaction when a dog is placed in a new home. We are a 501-C-3 organization, as well as being incorporated in the State of Colorado.

So You Want To Adopt An Old English Sheepdog?

The Old English Sheepdog originated in the west of England, possibly from the bearded collie or Russian Owtcharka. The breed was the answer to the need for a strong dog capable of defending the flocks and herds from the wolves that existed at one time in England. By the middle of the 19th century, these dogs were used mainly to drive cattle and sheep to market. The Old English Sheepdog can grow a very long coat, with fur covering the face and eyes. Obsolete names of the breed include Shepherd’s Dog and bob-tailed sheep-dog. It is still nicknamed Bobtail because historically, the tail was traditionally docked in this breed.

You Could Change A Life