February ~ Dog of the Month


What better way to celebrate the month associated with love than by showcasing a real sweetheart. You may have met this precious blue-eyed guy at our most recent picnic.

Wally is about 6-8 years old and was turned into our Rescue because, according to his former owner, he was chasing the owner’s pigs. Luckily, there was a ‘pawfect’ family who stepped in and welcomed him into their home despite Wally having an injury that had not been attended to by the previous owners. Although neutered, Wally did not have any vaccinations, including rabies.  He was completely terrified when he met rescue volunteers and submissive peed when he got out of the old owner’s car. It took 4 people to get him out of the car at the vet’s office; he was so shut down and terrified. But the Rescue turned a sad story into a happy ending, treating Wally’s injuries and making sure he received the necessary vaccinations.

Wally & his new family
Wally with his new family

Wally’s Story

The vet was unsure whether he would be able to do the initial exam so Wally was allowed to chill out for a few hours in a room alone. When the Rescue received a call later that afternoon, he had allowed the vet tech to sit on the floor and pet him. Wally was left overnight at the clinic to chill and further decompress. His personality was vastly improved by the following day, but as is often the case with dogs coming into rescue, he was still somewhat shy when volunteers picked him up for transport to the foster ‘s home. Wally was hesitant to come out of the car but once he did, he began to slowly roam around the foster’s property. Volunteers could sit down and he would allow them to pet him. Twenty-four hours later, he had turned almost all the way around, running throughout the property, having fun and just being a dog. 

As is so often the case in rescue, it takes a village of people to place a dog. Once Wally was picked up, he was transported to the vet by volunteers. Rescue Director Bette Green arranged for a new home for this guy and he was then taken to meet the prospective owners, Cathi and Steve. It took him a bit of time to get out of the car but once he met them, he was smitten and so were they. 

Terrified when he arrived in rescue, Wally has blossomed into an absolute sweet boy who is very loved by his new family who are long-time OES owners. Wally is in fact, their 6th sheepdog.  He now has an older sister, Belle, who recently turned 15.  Wally has been the most affectionate of all of Cathi and Steve’s dogs and wouldn’t object if he was petted all day long.  Sounds like a classic sheepdog. He is a real cuddler.  

Love you, mom

Cathi and Steve feel so fortunate to have been the ones to rescue this sweet boy.  Cathi say’s, “He is the sweetest and is good company for Belle and certainly for us!”  Wally enjoys snoozing on a couch, chair or bed.  Despite some issues with his front right leg and his left back leg, it doesn’t seem to bother him and he is never cranky about it.  He enjoys short walks and is more than happy to sit up front in the car with a seatbelt on upon being groomed. No doubt he realizes how handsome he is and just wants the whole world to know it. It’s probably more effective when one wants to show off from the front seat than in the back anyway, right Wally?

All the best to Wally with many thanks to his new family for taking this older dog into their home and into their hearts.

Who’s a good boy?

If you’d like us to feature your rescue dog’s story in an upcoming “Dog of the Month” post on this blog, please feel free contact us. And remember, if you’re without a dog or have the time to help us out, we can always use more volunteers for transport, fostering and other needs. Don’t forget to fill out the volunteer application located on the Rescue’s website under the forms tab. Thanks.


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