Dog of the Month ~ March 2022

Welcome to March’s Dog of the Month post. Meet sweet Molly who was recently adopted.

This one blue eyed sweetie came into our program just before Christmas in 2021. She had been previously used as a breeding dog and when her owners had no more use for her, she was sold on Craig’s list. The new owners decided they were not equipped to handle a 4 year old, unaltered girl and called the Rescue. She entered our program and was fostered by a loving foster mom and dad. She was filled with love in this home and received spay surgery and grooming. She has since found her way into a happy home where she is given love and attention she deserves.

Molly didn’t display any idiosyncrasies but like many puppy mill moms, she was shy about playing without instruction. She didn’t seem to display any problem behavior and to keep her from feeling overly stressed, the foster waited to have her groomed until she was spayed. While she recovered, she had a nice fluffy bed with LOTS of small plush toys for her to nuzzle on as needed. She thrived. The foster’s property allows for ample leash walking and space to chill out. While at the foster’s, Molly was able to decompress while her behavior was observed.

Molly was a perfect guest; she seemed to understand simple commands. She was fine with a mix of commands, and like many females, was somewhat guarded with the foster’s female. She loved the males and behaved brilliantly around the foster’s house and slept in her kennel. She was always pleased when people walked near her.¬†Within a couple of weeks of arriving at the foster’s home, she ran with the big dogs, barking at them while backing up, as if to yell, “Boys…boys, it’s Molly’s World!”

Molly’s first meeting with her now forever family, was textbook perfect as if she just knew these folks were her people. According to the foster mom, “This is why we do this…it’s the reason we can love them but let them go. Sure, we get attached, dogs know when you’re not.” But Molly’s body language when she met ‘her people was almost tear jerking. Molly’s demeanor was,  “Hey, hiya, I’m ready…can we go HOME now? Ooh, and is is that my teenager who came for me?” Perfect.

Molly never looked back as she walked with her new family to their car. A perfect foster experience even if a tad tearful for the foster mom, but as the foster mom said, “that’s when you know it’s right, we’ve done our job, and she’s in a better, forever home.”

Sweet, drama-free Molly, we wish you all the best in your new home.

If you’d like your good dog showcased in a future post, please contact us. We love stories when we can place a dog in the “pawfect” fur-ever home. No rescue? We can always use your help with dogs waiting to join the ranks of happily ever after. Simply fill out a volunteer application and we’ll be in touch.

As always, thank you for your advocacy for this special breed of dogs. Without you, we couldn’t do what we do. And don’t forget to check out the current fundraising campaign for Canine Colorado Magazine where your good OES will be photographed for inclusion in the magazine. DelaFoto will donate its entire sitting fee to the rescue and your purebred sheepdog will be included in a 2 page spread. You’ll also receive a copy of this professionally published magazine. For more details, check out our Facebook page.

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