Dog of the Month ~ May 2022

Welcome to this month’s ‘Dog of the Month’ post where we showcase a pet adopted through our rescue. This month, let’s check out a dog that I know a bit about personally since I was the lucky one to adopt Norman.

Norman with his former ‘sister,’ Libby, the Weimaraner

Norman came to the rescue through an arrangement with Grey Ghost Rescue whose family had surrendered Libby, a purebred Weimaraner ‘sister’ along with Norman with the explicit understanding that our rescue would find a home for Norman through our network. I saw Norman on the Facebook page and expressed interest in meeting him to see if he’d fit in with the two other dogs I currently had at the time.

Norman at his foster’s home meeting Elsa
“Mr. Tube Socks'” Facebook pic

Norman was being fostered in the Pueblo West area where he had been groomed, examined by a vet and received his rabies vaccine. As it turned it, the foster’s home was just down the road from my parents so on a trip to visit them, I went to meet “Mr. Tube Socks” to see if he would be a good fit with Elsa, my puppy mill survivor Standard Poodle who has some baggage around other dogs. During the meet and greet, it seemed she’d be fine with a new big brother.


When I asked the foster if Norman got up on the furniture (all my dogs have always had free reign on the sofa-truth be told I haven’t sat on it for years), he assured me he never got on the furniture. No problem, I said if he did, I was just trying to get a sense of what this senior boy was about. Ten minutes upon arriving, this:

He who never gets up on the furniture

Norman has been a sweetheart from the get-go. I knew he was something special and began the process of getting him approved to become part of Lutheran Medical Center’s hospital pet therapy program. The nurses have fallen in love with him and whenever he visits the hospital, Norman brings smiles to everyone around him. He adores children and while his size intimidates some, he’s alway calm and sweet around them.

Norman greeting visitors and staff at a recent event at Lutheran

Norman is one of the most even keeled dogs I’ve ever met. He’s affable, patient and a great companion. When Sam (my previous pet therapy dog) met Norman, he couldn’t stop wagging his tail. My one regret was Sam unexpectedly passed away a month after Norman arrived so the ‘brothers’ didn’t get to spend a lot of time together.

For a big dog, Norman is the ‘pawfect’ ambassador. Not all people feel comfortable around a big dog but Norman wins them over in seconds. And that face…who wouldn’t fall in love with that?

Norman ‘helped’ at the holiday gift wrapping event at Orvis, charming customers with his sweet nature. A customer bought that toy for him to show her appreciation for him interacting with her son.

While Norman has taken well to visiting staff and patients alike, he really seems to connect with the staff in particular. Nurses will run down the hall to greet Norman and he patiently lets them fawn all over him. His calm, sweet nature leaves me ever so grateful this big boy came along. He was such a great dog and I couldn’t be happier with his companionship.

Pet Therapist and “Dogtor” Norman

Norman was recently a model for the Canine Colorado fundraiser magazine which will come out later this year. We were thrilled to be a part of a ‘wagnificent’ event that will benefit the rescue. Delafoto’s professional photographer is donating her usual sitting fee to the rescue as well as a portion of all the magazine sales which will provide the rescue with much needed funds. Think about picking up your own copy once they have been published (details to follow on publication release). They’ll make great stocking stuffers which will benefit Old English Sheepdogs of Colorado’s rescue.

A short clip of Norman behind the scenes during his photo shoot.

We hope you enjoyed seeing this month’s featured rescue profile. Dogs like Norman who are older can be harder to place but you can see he’s an absolute loverboy and I am so grateful and privileged to be able to share his story as well as have this loving dog providing smiles to everyone he meets.

Don’t forget if you’d like your good rescue dog showcased in a future post, please contact us. We love stories when we can place a dog in the “pawfect” fur-ever home. No rescue? We can always use your help with dogs waiting to join the ranks of happily ever after. Simply fill out a volunteer application and we’ll be in touch.

As always, thank you for your support and advocacy for this special breed of dogs we all love. Without you, we couldn’t do what we do. For more details, information and plenty of pictures, visit our social media pages, Facebook ( and Instagram (

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