Dog of the Month ~ June 2022

Welcome to this month’s Dog of the Month story about sweetheart Molly who was adopted from the rescue back in February. Molly’s new mom, Amy, had placed her name on the adoption list months earlier. Amy is no a stranger to owning a sheepdog as her family had owned one 25 years ago and it had lived a long, good life with them and was totally loved.

Molly in her new backyard

One fateful day, a volunteer from the rescue called Amy to let her know we were trying to find a home for this sweet girl…ASAP. Amy originally thought the call was for a foster situation but quickly realized, Molly needed a permanent home. Once the surprise and excitement wore off Amy and her family drove to the amazing foster family’s location in Bennett, Colorado to meet her.

Molly back story is one all too familiar in the world of rescue dogs. She had been used as a breeding dog, birthing three litters and then was given away. An older woman took her but decided the arrangement wasn’t going to work saying she thought Molly was too big and jumped up (which turned out to be untrue). It was however, love at first sight for Amy and her family.

Just look at that blue-eyed cutie!

When you see Molly’s sweet face, you can easily see how Molly stole her new family’s heart. Amy indicated their other dog wasn’t usually the most friendly with other dogs but she and Molly have become fast friends. Molly’s family often refers to her as Saint Molly because she is truly an angel. She follows Amy everywhere. This sweet girl is happy, friendly and is a very good dog, proving once again, a little love makes all the difference in the life of a rescued pet.

Molly at home with her new ‘furiend’

Initially when Molly was adopted, she was shy, timid and afraid to go up the stairs in the new home. Now she sleeps next to the Amy’s bed every night. Molly is enjoying the good life with a huge yard where she loves to play fetch or go for walks along the Highline Canal visiting the neighbor’s goats, horses and chickens.

Enjoying the good life

Molly with her toy

Amy says Molly (in true sheepdog fashion) has become a very reliable security system, barking the arrival of the Amazon driver whenever he has a delivery, or if a bunny, bird or leaf happen to be anywhere on their street.

Taking vigilance seriously.

Don’t you just love seeing a happy ending where the rescued dog is also a great lap dog?

Saint Molly

Many thanks to Amy for providing Molly a new home and for sharing her story.

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